For nearly 30 years, Al Perry has worked with Qi as it relates to the health of the physical body. In his private practice, Al assists his clients in discovering their inner healer through a combination of Medical QiGong, Bodywork, and fitness counseling. His teachings focus on the energetic body alongside the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of his clients.

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Whether you desire to live a more authentic life, want to change your brain chemistry, explore nature. beat an addiction or become your most optimally fit self, Erin East can help you get there. Be prepared to be challenged, and face your fears. If you want to be your best self, it takes real work. 

Erin's message to you:


Scalding rays of sun; heated shards of rock.  Burn through me completely.  Cleanse me from inside out.  Walk into the flip side of openness.  I welcome the discomfort with awaiting arms.

Tight embrace of inner turmoil - I am ALIVE!  And completely in love with every sensation of experience.  Seeds of artistry beckon to sprout from earth.

Tears to water; water to fruit.  Take that bite and let the sweet juices stream down my salty face.  Necessity of Art always takes full reign, full control.  

I invite you inwards to the infinite realm of discovery.




Qigong is an internal martial art. Connecting in each present moment, movement, posture, breath and mental intention, Qigong gives the practitioner a pathway to optimum health. Learn from our Fir Flow Go App from the Apple Store or Schedule a private session at Al's Qiworks studio. 

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Good, healthy, nutrient dense organic food is the best option. To supplement that, it's best to personalize your  supplements with a food-based nutritional company that makes your daily supplements especially for you.

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